Prayers to Mary


Leo XIII wrote in his Iucunda Semper, that the more we fix our thoughts "upon the character of the Rosary" in prayer to Mary, the Queen of Heaven, "the clearer its excellence and power appear to Us." 

He continued with the following wise words, "as the sacred Mysteries pass by they cause our prayers to be transformed into impulses of entreaty that have an indescribable power over the heart of Mary"

The text following "the heart of Mary, we detected a text formed as a prayer, written within the text written by Pope Leo. The language "changed" and the words were formal and classic prayer format; words such as, "thee", "thou", and "art". 

Therefore, we decided to include this prayer into our section of prayers to Mary.


Pope Leo XIII, Iucunda Semper...1894.

Yes, we fly to thee, we miserable children of Eve, O holy Mother of God.

To thee we lift our prayers, for thou art the Mediatrix,

powerful at once and pitiful, of our salvation.

Oh, by the sweetness of the joys that came to thee from thy Son Jesus,

by thy participation in His ineffable sorrows,

by the splendours of His glory shining in thee,

we instantly beseech thee,

listen, be pitiful, hear us, unworthy though we be!